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Facials, Hydrofacials, and Holiday Hair in Kansas City, MO

Caviar-Pearl Facial
60 min. - $175
(series of 6) - $875
(buy 5, get 1 free)
The elegance of caviar with the radiance of pearl creates a lavish formula that removes the years and leaves you luminous. 
Sensitive-Skin Facial
60 min. - $125
A facial treatment specially designed to combat rosacea, a flushing or redness on the cheeks, nose, chin, or forehead.
Plantomer Lifting Treatment
60 min. - $120
This cool, gentle mask soothes, heals, and deeply hydrates the skin, leaving it refreshed, healthy and glowing.
C & Sea Facial
60 min. - $125
Reduce fine lines, strengthen the skin's elasticity & achieve a youthful appearance. You will be nothing short of luminous!
Lumafirm Facial
60 min. - $115
A revolutionary firming, lightening and brightening treatment. Lumafirm will hydrate, tone, lift, repair and refine your facial contour, and ultimately slow down the skin's aging process. Add Lumafirm Eye Treatment to any spa service for only $25.
Aromatherapy Facial
60 min. - $100
A therapeutic facial using essential oils to soothe and relieve stress and tension. Includes a hand and arm massage.
Sinus-Relief Facial
60 min. $100
This soothing facial is designed to relieve the sinus cavity and respiratory system. The treatment works to reduce puffiness as it deeply cleanses the skin. Ideal for those suffering from allergies and nasal congestion.
Personal Prescriptive Facial
60 min. - $85
Based upon the analysis of your skin, our experts will perform a personalized facial to restore your skin to its optimum level. Includes a deep cleansing exfoliation, steam, and extractions, if needed. An anti-stress facial massage & personalized mask finish off this experience.
*An Oxy-Vital Mask or Elasto-Firm Mask
can be added for only $40
The Essential Facial
30 min. - $60
w/makeup application - $80
Perfect for those that are on the run and want a refreshing facial. After a cleansing of the skin, enjoy a personalized mask and finishing moisturizer
Oasis Men's Facial
60 min. - $85
A deep cleansing and softening facial just for men. Whether your skin has been exposed to wind or sun or irritated by shaving, this facial is designed for you. Includes a relaxing facial, head, neck, and shoulder massage.
Oasis Ultimate Relaxation Facial
90 min. - $130
Facials for a year - $1300
(12 total, buy 10, get 2 free)
Soothe your mind, body, and soul during this treatment, which includes skin consultation and analysis, customized facial, lip and eye treatment, relaxing head and shoulder massage and a paraffin treatment for hands and feet. Pure bliss!
Refining Back Treatment
30 min. - $70
This is an intense cleansing back "facial". A relaxing and soothing treatment to produce beautiful bareback skin.
Oasis Ultimate Anti-aging HydraFacial
90 min. - $255
The skin perfecting combination of all that our HydraFacial has to offer including the neck and Décolleté, anti-aging LED light therapy, and peptide rich Dermabuilder.
Hydra Facial
45 min. - $145
A relaxing yet intensive facial treatment that cleanses, exfoliates, hydrates, and give you antioxidant protection in a single treatment. Impurities and dead skin cells are removed while new skin is treated with nourishing skin solutions. You'll see clearer, more beautiful skin. You can add Neck and Décolleté $30, LED light therapy $30, Dermabuilder $50 and wet microdermabrasion $40.
Micro-Current Rejuvenation
30 minutes (2 treatments)
10 Treatment Package
It's been called the non-surgical face lift.The non-invasive, anti-aging technology stimulates cells and re-educates muscles, reducing fluid retention and softening wrinkles. Facial muscles are lifted and made firm creating elasticity in the tissue with the added benefit of keeping skin healthy.
Resurfacing Treatment
Single treatment $95
5 Treatment Package $380
(buy 4, get 1 free)
Our Dermaquest resurfacing treatments are to address many skin ailments including aging, pigmentation and acne. The resurfacing treatment exfoliates deeper with supporting ingredients that may be done bi-weekly with little or no down time. Service time is approximately 45 minutes and could be considerd a more effective "lunchtime facial".
LED Light Therapy
10 min. - $30
Rejuvenate and repair your skin. LED stimulates collagen and elastin production in the skin, calms irritated skin and helps reduce face lines and wrinkles.
Other intensive skin care treatments are available
See your Oasis esthetician for details

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